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Related post: Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 12:10:55 -0700 (PDT) From: Randy Howard Subject: The Reluctant Witness/ Incest/ Chapter 1The Reluctant WitnessByRandy HowardThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his son, one teen 16 years girls porn and another teen. Initial sex is consensual. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if 13 year old sluts this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading. Also if you are under eighteen or if this is illegal for where you live, then leave now, if not read on."I'll be right back Jamie," Evan said. "I gotta take a wicked piss," he added and quickly ran down the alley, his need urgent.Evan Chambers, sixteen and his school, the South Burlington Rebels, star quarterback. He was a tall boy for his age, six-two, and went around one eighty-five. He had auburn red hair and emerald green eyes that drove all the girls crazy with desire. His muscular body along with his looks made him a very popular boy with most porno 16 year old of the students. But he never took his popularity, or his looks seriously, because he thought himself average.He stood there pissing, hidden by a dumpster, asian 17years old fuck when he heard the sound of someone talking."Dan please... I would never turn state's evidence on you," a short young man pleaded."That's not what I girl pics 15 years heard on the street Billy. The word is out that you want to make a deal and give me up for teen 16 years xxx no time in the pen, in exchange for naming me as the killer of Joey Pantone," the other man said. "So I gotta do what I gotta do, to insure your silence," he said with an evil smile.Finished pissing, Evan peaked around the corner of the dumpster to see who was talking. It was a tall, long black haired man, and he was knifing this other man. 14 years porno pictures He watched in abject horror as the man plunged his knife repeatedly into the body of the man, ending his life. Gasping sex schoolgirls 16 years in horror at the sight that he was witnessing, the killer turned surprised to hear someone there towards Evan, their eyes meeting."Fuck... that's Detective Dan Morrison," he gasped, a little too loud."Hey Evan wait," the detective yelled out, but Evan was already running, fear motivating his legs as fast as they could go."Jamie run," Evan shouted as he burst rapidly from the alley, never looking to see if the detective was following him."Evan, what's wrong? Why are we running?" Jamie asked, catching up with Evan."Later... just run and don't look back," he tgp 13 years shouted before ducking into the main entrance of a local department store.The two boys hurried through the store and 11 years girls porno slipped out of the back entrance, onto Church Street where the rush hour traffic clogged the busy thoroughfare. Pulling Jamie into an alcove, where they struggled to catch their breath, Jamie inquired about why 12 year old thong they were running."Now will you tell me just why we were running," Jamie asked, struggling to regain normal breathing."I just saw Officer Morrison killing this man," he said, hardly able to believe his own words. "The dead guy said that Dan was responsible for the death of Joey Pantone, the local mob boss that the police found last week.""You're kidding me Evan... He's a cop so maybe he was doing it in self defense?" Jamie questioned. "You know, killing the guy in the alley.""I know that he's a fucking cop Jamie, he works with my dad," he said looking anxiously down the 13 years girl porno street. "I don't think he's following us," he said, convinced that they had given the detective the slip. "Jamie listen to me, he was repeatedly stabbing the man and the man wasn't even half his size. Besides, if it were in self defense, he'd be using his gun.""So what are you going to do?" he asked."I gotta tell my dad, he'll know what to do. Come on," Evan said, stepping into the girls 14 year pussy flow of pedestrians and walked calmly, but deliberately down the street."Did he see you?" Jamie asked and then it hit him. "If he saw you...he saw me also if he saw us running from the alley.""Shit! I never gave that a thought Jamie. I should never have told you what I saw.""Well it's too late now buddy and he knows where I live, because he lives across the street from me." The two boys hurried along, making their way to the town's police station where Evan's dad would just be coming off duty.***The police station was swarming with officers, some 16 year fucking nude coming on duty and the others having finished their shift. Evan surveyed the room, looking for any sign of his dad amongst the other officers."Hey Evan, how's it going? If 10 year old pussy you're looking for your dad, he's in the locker room," this one officer told him."Thanks sir... can I go in?""Sure, but beware that those coming off duty might be naked and heading to the showers. I wouldn't want you to be shamed by what a real man looks like," the officer said and then laughed."Wait here Jamie, I'll go find my dad," he told his friend, ignoring the remark of the officer.***Evan 16 years naked pedo walked into the officer's locker room and saw several officers in various stages of undress. Many covered themselves when they saw a kid entering their private domain."Hey kid, what the hell are you doing in here," a tall naked officer asked, hurriedly wrapping his towel around him, to keep the boy from 13 years old nude seeing his nakedness."I'm looking for Officer Chambers, sir, he's my dad," Evan told him, 13 years old toppless noting the large bulge in his towel."He's...there he is kid, over there," the officer told him and pointed to where Marc Chambers was standing, talking to another officer.Evan hurried over towards the area that the officer pointed, and found his dad, also naked, talking to another young cop. He waited silently as the two cops talked, neither of them noticing him. Evan looked around the room that was now empty as those sex gallery 14-years-old petite off duty hurried off to the showers."You know that I want to be with you Mike, but I promised Evan that I would take him out for dinner and a movie tonight." movies porno 16 years Evan heard his dad tell the young cop. "I never get to spend any quality time with my son, now that his mom is gone.""Well how about after the movie Marc, I'm so horny and my ass needs a good fucking," Mike said, stepping towards Marc and enveloping him into his arms.The two men kissed and Evan stood there in 41 years porno shock as his father kissed another man. The two men, both naked, were holding each other tight as they ground their cocks against each other. Evan stepped backwards but fell over a bench and landed on his ass against a locker."Evan!" Marc exclaimed, turning to see who had made the noise, but the boy quickly regained his footing and left the locker room. "Son wait," but the teen refused to stop, still young nude 16 years seeing the image of his dad kissing that officer in his mind."My dad is fucking gay?" Evan thought in shock. "He could have told me that he was and not let me find out like this." As soon as Evan reached Jamie, Detective Morrison came walking through the precinct door, now wearing a change of clean clothes. He looked about the precinct and as soon as he saw Evan and 10 years old pussy Jamie, he made a direct line towards them."Hello boys, what brings you down here," he asked them suspiciously, but cautiously."Ah...Detective Morrison... we were just waiting for my dad," Evan stuttered."Evan... Jamie, what is going on here," Marc asked walking out of the locker room, sporting just a towel around him, now it was Jamie's turn to notice the large bulge in Marc's towel. "Dan, did the boys do something wrong?" he asked looking over to the detective."No Marc, were good...aren't we boys," he said looking down at the two boys, with warning in his eyes."Yes sir," they both said in unison, shaking their heads in agreement."Let me go get dressed and I'll be right out Evan," Marc said. "We need to talk son," he added and hurried off to finish dressing."If either of you say a word Chambers and that goes for you Bryant, I'll kill you both and no one will ever find your bodies." Dan warned."We won't sir, we promise," the said again in agreement and Dan walked off, leaving the boys alone."We're dead Jamie," Evan said alarmingly. "If he killed that man earlier to insure nude 14 years his silence, what makes us think that he'll spare us?""Tell your dad, he can have him arrested before he gets a chance to act on it Evan.""Act on what Jamie," Marc asked, now standing beside the two boys."I'll tell you in the car dad," he said and noticed that the locker room door was cracked open, as if someone had been listening.***The two boys were unusually quiet as they walked out to the car. Marc's keen police sense told him 15 years old teenporn that something was seriously bothering the boys. At first he thought it 12 years sex thumb was because Evan had seen him kissing Mike but that wouldn't have bothered Jamie."So are you two gonna tell me what is bothering you?" he inquired."Dad...what if I saw a crime, I mean a really bad one and the person that committed it movie fuck 16 years was a cop?"Marc stopped in his tracks, the boys definitely had his attention as he looked about to see who was around to over hear them.Convinced that they were alone, "What did you see son?" he asked.Silent for a moment and looking from his dad to Evan and back again to Marc, he said: "I saw Detective Morrison kill this man in an alley dad." He said and the fear that he was holding in caused him to cry."Are you sure Evan, because that is a serious accusation to make against a cop?""Yes dad I'm sure and I wish that I had never gone into that alley," he said between sobs.Evan told his dad everything that he heard and saw earlier that day in the alley. He also told him the threat that Dan had said to them, just before he entered the locker room."What are you gonna do dad, I don't want you to get killed," Evan asked, hugging his dad tightly."I'm gonna get you boys somewhere safe and then confront Dan," Marc said."No dad... he'll just kill you like he did those other men," Evan said. "Just forget that he ever did it dad and he'll eventually get caught.""I can't do that son, I'm a honest cop," he told the boys. "I'll get us a room where he won't think of sixteen years old porno looking and confront him tomorrow.""I can't 17 years old pornogirls stay Mr. Chambers, my parents and I are going to my grandparent's house tonight for the weekend," Jamie said."Then I'll drop you off and you will be safe there. By the time that you all get back on Monday, he'll be behind bars," Marc told the boy.He drove Jamie home and briefed his parents about what had happened. They were very upset, but 13 years old porno they agreed that another town would be the safest place for Jamie. They had even offered to take Evan with teens 16 years nude them, but Marc told them that he pree teen 13 years would be needed for a statement.***After leaving Jamie's house, once they had left for his grandparents, Marc drove home so they could grab some clothes. They drove three towns away and got a room at a nude 14-16 years old local motel that was off the main road."It's not the Hilton Hotel but it will serve the purpose," Marc said opening the door to their small room.The room had a single queen size bed and a television that sat on a dresser at the foot of the bed. The deposited their suitcase and went out for a bite, arriving back to their room around ten. 18 years porno video Exhausted, they quickly showered with Marc going first. When Evan came out of the bathroom, he 13 years girls toples was naked and still drying his hair. Marc paused before going back into the bathroom to study his boy's physique.Marc 12 years sex pictures looked at his young face with its well-defined features, an angular jaw, emerald green eyes and auburn red hair that surrounded it. His years of playing football for his school had made him fit, which meant that his body was toned, with great muscle definition to his upper body. His 13 year old teens chest and stomach were covered in light, soft, reddish blond fuzz. His treasure trail of reddish hair led down to a dick nestled in a bush of curly, light red hair that was covered the soft, tight sack of his balls. When he turned to put the towel on a chair, his tight, well-defined ass cheeks were void of any hair, but he had a clear view right down his crack between the firm cheeks to his tight, pink hole. Evan's legs were also muscular, due 13 yearold sluts to the amount 14 years toples of stretching exercises and running he did for football.When Marc came back into the room, instead of his usual pajamas, 4 year old porn he was wearing a bathrobe. Evan figured that he, too, was getting ready for bed, having forgotten his pajamas in their suitcase. Evan could tell that he was naked underneath and that he had a hard-on, but he didn't think anything of it."About today son, you know... that kiss that you saw. I'm sorry that you had to find out about me like that." He 11 years teens sex said, hoping sex thumbs 16 year that Evan would not hate him."I was pissed dad, 11 year old kids not because you were gay, but because you never told me.""Can you forgive me son?" he asked standing asian 14 years teen closer to the bed."Of course I forgive you, you're my dad," Evan said, and 14year old girls nude he pulled back the covers to let his father get into bed.Marc untied the belt that was holding the robe 15 years nude mpeg closed and pulled it back over his shoulders. The robe fell in a pool at his feet and 14year old pussy cam he stood briefly, allowing Evan to see his nakedness."You know dad, I've always wondered what it would be like to make love with you," Evan said, surprising his dad, as well as himself. "Did I just say that out loud?""Yeah you did son," Marc said and climbed in beside his son's legs.Marc looked into his son's eyes, brushing back the damp hair from his face, before lowering his lips to his son's mouth. Evan wrapped his arms around his dad's neck and invited his tongue to join with his, in a kiss of forbidden love. As Marc kissed his son, his 12 year porn foto hands roamed about the boy's body and Marc soon found Evan's virgin rosebud.Evan, being no fool to gay sex, having done it with Jamie, pulled his knees up to his chest exposing his virgin teen pucker to his dad. Although he had always been the one to fuck Jamie, he was now eager to be fucked by his dad. Waiting for his dad's 16years anal porn fingers to enter him, Marc didn't disappoint him. Instead of working his fingers one at a time, as Evan had done with Jamie, Marc pushed three in at once, causing pain for Evan, and began working them around. Evan laid back, closed his eyes and let his 13 year olds young ass get accustomed to the assault 14 years tgp and every so often he would moan, but now he sensed that something was different, his dad's fingers that were fucking him seemed more urgent and his breathing more rapid. Before Evan knew it, his dad was kneeling between his legs and his hands searched out his ankles. Grabbing Evan's legs and forcing them straight up, Marc entered him, his cock pushing through the outer ring and deep into his ass."Stop dad... please it hurts," Evan screamed out in pain, he was being fucked by his own dad and gay year internship it felt like a zucchini squash had been shoved up his ass."Just relax and lie still," Marc said, "the pain will go away shortly."Marc didn't move and neither did Evan, but he took several deep breaths before he began to relax. After a few minutes, the pain subsided and his breathing returned to normal, he smiled up at a waiting Marc."Ok dad... the pain is gone," Evan said to Marc who began fucking in and out of him very slowly."Just relax Evan; pretend it's kidsporn 14 year old my fingers in you and not my cock. Remember how it felt to have my fingers in your ass, sliding in and out, making your cock harder and harder."Evan eventually relaxed his muscles and began to meet his dad's slow thrusts. His cock was bigger and longer than his three fingers, nine inches and fat, Evan guessed. The pain had subsided and was replaced by the warm sensation of ecstasy that Evan and Jamie had experienced. Marc sensed this and his fucking picked up, a warm glow had taken over Evan's young body and the pain had turned to pleasure. Evan's cock, which had shrunk when his father had entered him, was coming back to its full seven free xxx 14 years inches. As Marc fucked him, his dick got harder and the pleasure intensified. Evan pulled his knees to his chest and then spread them as wide as possible. Taking this as a sign, Marc pushed into his son, until their balls were touching."Mmmmm," Evan moaned, fully impaled on his father's cock, trying to spread his legs wider."That's it son... take your daddy's cock. I've known for many years that you wanted it. I wasn't stupid all those times 10 years old nude you 12 year old whores jerked off in your 14 year teen nud room, whispering my name to fuck you. I was naked and standing just outside your cracked open door, and I could see the lust in your eyes even though you didn't know what it was."Evan moaned louder, 16 year old non-nude focusing on the cock that was fucking him, and he wondered if this was how Jamie felt whenever they fucked. He could feel his father's cock all the way up in his stomach and hips rose to meet his father's thrusts."You've wanted my cock for so long, well, now you have it, all of it son. That's naked 12 years girl what you wanted, isn't it?"Evan's mind reeled, was 8 15 year porno this what he had wanted all these years? Did I really want my dad to fuck me, the question ran through his young mind, but in the end he knew for certain what he had wanted."Yes dad... fuck your boy, I want you to breed me 15 years free galleries daddy." Evan said with conviction.Marc was really pounding him now, as he would pull his cock almost out and then slam it back in. Then it happened, on a particular hard pounding thrust, Evan pedo sex years completely and lovingly surrendered to his dad. There was no more fooling himself, this is what he had always wanted and fantasized about."Yes daddy, 14year this is what I wanted whenever I jerked off," Evan howled, as Marc pounded his son's ass without mercy. "I've always wanted you to fuck me... so fuck me daddy...fuck me with that big cock of yours." He howled in ecstasy, and Marc obliged his son happily."Yeah baby, I'll fuck you; I'll fuck you so hard that you'll be leaking cum for a week. You think you're the only one who wanted to do this? I been waiting since the day I first saw you jerking your teen cock, that night that I stood in your doorway. I saw your hard boy cock sticking straight out as you rapidly jerked it, and I knew that I was going to have you, it was just a matter of time."Marc was really pounding away in Evan, and each time, he would thrust into Evan, it felt like his cock was going deeper into 16 years sexy pics his belly. As for Evan's part, he loved each inch that his father gave 13years nude girl xxx him. He squeezed his asshole tightly around his cock fourteen years old dolls just as Jamie would do to him, which brought Evan to a naked teen 16 year new level of pleasure. He wanted more than anything, free porn 13year for his dad to cum inside him, to fill his inner bowels with his man cream."Come on daddy, shoot inside me. I want to feel you explode and fill me with your man seed." Evan said, slapping Marc's ass to spur him on."Oh you want my cum do you, I'll give you man seed. I'll give so much that you'll be tasting it for days!" Marc said and with that, he moved in illegal cute 12year a sexual frenzy, throwing Evan's legs over his shoulders. He leaned down so that their faces were touching, causing Evan's ass to lift up so that he could penetrate Evan more. 14 year porn pick Marc's hips became pistons, driving his cock deeper into Evan with full force, making the teen even more delirious with ecstasy. Evan's mind was totally focused on his cock and the pounding that his ass was taking, and with each thrust, the urge to cum became greater for Evan."Harder...deeper daddy... I'm gonna cum," Evan howled and his teen cock erupted with fury shooting all over both of their chests. Evan's hips shot up as each spurt spewed forth from his cock, and this triggered something in Marc. He rose up and pounded into his son, with all his might as his own need to climax sprang forth."Take it boy... take your daddy's seed," Marc howled and Evan felt his insides being coated by his father's juices.Evan was in heaven, his daddy had cum inside him and his teen cock shot forth another round of hot teen sperm. Evan laid there glowing in his sexual afterglow, never in his young life had he experienced anything so wonderful and euphoric. Although the sex that he had with Jamie was great, but now he felt 17 yearold pussy pics truly alive for the first time and he was going free 12-15 years photos to make sure that this angels nude 12 years wasn't going to be the last teen girls 14 years time that his dad fucked him.In the meantime, his xxx 12 years pictures dad had stopped his fucking and 16 years teen was leaning on his hands breathing heavily. Evan looked into his father's eyes and reached up, taking his father's head into his hands and kissed him. teen pic 14year They pressed their lips against each others and held them there for a few seconds, and then pushed into a heated, passionate kiss."I love you daddy." Evan said and by now his dad's cock had gone soft and had fallen out of his ass.Marc leaned down and kissed Evan tenderly, "I love you more than life son," he said with tears in his eyes.With that said, he moved off Evan, spooned his boy to him and soon the two were fast asleep.***The next morning, Evan silently slid out of bed and into the bathroom, where he took his morning piss. Marc was still asleep so he 16 years teen porn got dressed and slipped out of the pornogirls bis 17 year room, taking his cell 14 years anal mature phone to call Jamie. He missed his best friend 16 years nude sex and was worried about him."Hello... who is this," Jamie's sleepy voice said."It's me buddy, Evan," he said and immediately Jamie was fully awake."What's wrong Evan... are you alright?" he asked, panic in his voice."I'm fine Jamie, I just needed to hear your voice and know that you twelve year olds porn were alright.""Ahhh babe, I love you too," Jamie said, porn girls 15 years touched by Evan's concerned."I love you more Jamie, but I need to tell you something. My dad and..." he started to say, but he stopped mid-sentence when something, or rather someone, caught his attention, Detective Morrison."Evan, what's wrong?" Jamie asked with concern."Detective Morrison found us...he's just stepped into the office," Evan said, ducking behind a bush."Where is your dad Evan?""He's still asleep in the room and I am outside behind this shrub.""What is he doing there, it can't be good," Jamie said."I gotta hang up and call my dad Jamie. I'll call 12 yearold nudes you back," Evan said and closed his phone.He quickly hit the speed dial number 12 years old sexmovies for his father's cell, but instead of ringing, it went directly to voice mail."Nooooo," he whispered. "Dad, if you turn on your phone and get this, Dan Morrison is here looking for us. I nn 15-year-old non nude am ok and hiding outside. Please get this message dad," he said and hung up.He redialed Jamie's number and was about to talk when Dan exited the office. He walked directly towards where Marc and Evan's room was. As he walked, he pulled his revolver from its holster, fastening a silencer onto it."He's got his gun out and just put on a silencer," Evan whispered, on the verge of tears."Oh my God Evan, run...get as far away from there as you can," Jamie begged."I can't bud, he'll see me if I run. Besides, I gotta do something to help my dad," Evan said.Evan hung up and quickly dialed 911. He told the operator where he was and exactly what was going on. He told them about the murders that Dan had committed and that he was there now to kill him and his father."Hurry please, he's almost to our room," a panicking Evan pleaded."Help is on the way young man, just hang tight." The operator assured him.Evan watched as Dan stopped at the door and inserted a key into the lock. His heart was pounding when Dan opened the door and fired several shots into the room, 13 year old sex directly at the bed, before turning quickly and hurrying to his car.Evan watched in horror as Dan climbed into his car. He turned to look behind him and his eyes locked with Evan's eyes. Evan ran, and for the second time in the last twenty-four hours, he was running for his life."I'll get you kid...no matter where you run. I 14 years pretten got your father and now I am gonna get you." He screamed out, furious that the boy wasn't in the room with his dad.Evan ran down the road and cut across a cattle pasture when he saw the sign for the ferry that would take him over to New York State. He saw the crew closing off the boarding gate and he put forth the last of his energy, as he shot towards the ferry that was just pulling away. He took a deep breath and with a sudden burst of adrenalin, leaped through the air and landed on the deck."You just made it kid," a crew member said, a handsome boy not much older than Evan.Evan turned to look back at where he had just jumped from and saw Dan's car driving down the road. Evan quickly hurried inside to get out of Dan's view, followed by teen 15 years nude the crew member who noticed Evan's reaction to Dan."Hey kid, do you have a ticket?" he asked."No but I do have money to buy one." Evan told him."So what's the hurry for, and was that guy after you?""Yeah he was, he wants to kill me," Evan confided, just as his cell phone rang. Evan glanced at the caller id and saw that it was Jamie. "Jamie...I'm ok and on a ferry to New York," Evan told him. "But I think Dan killed my dad," Evan said and broke down in tears, dropping his phone to the floor."Hello... this is Ethan Davis, a crew member on the ferry. I got your friend here and I will make sure that porn 13-17 years teen he's ok," Ethan said."Just have him..." Jamie started to say, and suddenly the phone went dead.Ethan looked at the bars and saw that it needed charging. He held Evan in his arms and let the boy cry. Ethan could tell that Evan had been through hell and his heart went out to him. When Evan had finally cried himself out, Ethan handed him a handkerchief to wipe away his tears."Now, doesn't that feel better," Ethan asked."Yeah, but now I'm embarrassed.""Don't be bud, we all cry from time to time.""Not in public and especially in the arms of a 14-year-old sex pics perfect stranger." Evan said."Thanks for the compliment kid, but I'm far from perfect. So do you want to tell me what has you so upset?"Evan sat with Ethan and told him the entire story of what he and his father had been through with Dan. He told him how Dan had found 15 year fuck porn them at their motel and shot his father while he slept. Evan cried again when he told of his father's death and again, Ethan held him close."I live in New York, not far from the ferry landing, if you need a safe place to crash Evan." Ethan offered."Thanks Ethan, but I don't want to put your life in danger; I already did that to 14 years sex videos my friend Jamie and my dad.""Why don't young porn 12 years you let me worry about me ok? Now I got to get back to work before the captain has a bird. You sit tight and don't worry about the ticket, this one is on me," Ethan said."Thanks Ethan," Evan said shaking Ethan's outstretched 15 year cute xxx hand.The ferry docked and Evan sat tight inside, waiting for Ethan."Are you ready to split kid," Ethan said once the last of the cars and passengers had left the ferry."I guess, but are you sure that you don't mind putting me up until I can get someone to come get me?"Evan followed Ethan to his car, which was parked in the employees parking area, a vintage '64 and a half Mustang. After saying how cool the car was they drove off, and within fifteen minutes, they were racing off to Ethan's apartment."Here we are stud muffin," Ethan said, patting Evan's leg."Nice porn 13 year picture crib," Evan said walking inside; the place was a single dudes dream.It was nicely furnished with a leather nude girls 13years pics sofa and chairs, and had 12 year lollitanude tiny all of the state of the art electronics, and one super large television mounted on the wall."Ok Ethan, I'm impressed," Evan said."Hey Evan I forgot, I have to go food shopping. How about you hang tight here and watch a video, and I'll be back within the hour," Ethan suggested."That's cool man, do you mind if twelve year old nudes I use the shower?" he asked."It's in the master bedroom dude and help yourself to any of my clothes. I noticed that you were traveling rather light," Ethan said."I wasn't expecting to be going anywhere today, when I got up. But thanks Ethan, we look about the same size," Evan said.Ethan showed him where the towels were and took off, leaving Evan to take his shower. Evan was enjoying the hot water when he suddenly noticed that someone was standing on the other side of the shower door, reaching for the handle... a teens 14 years fucked vicious laugh coming from the other side.To be continued...So here is a new one guys, let me know what you think, at randyhoward2yahoo.com
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